Personal Editor Susan S. Brown, PhD

If you’re seeking a writing coach for memoir, literary fiction, a literary blockbuster, or book proposal preparation, contact Susan to determine if your goals and her skills are a fit. She brings 35 years of teaching  creative writing and literature at the college level, conducting sold-out workshops, and helping bring over a dozen books into print as a personal editor and book doctor. First and foremost a teacher, Dr. Brown’s goal is to empower writers with the skills and confidence to work independently.


Susan Brown, PhD
Writing Coach, Private Editor, Workshop Leader

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A James Joyce scholar with a PhD in Modernist literature, Dr. Brown introduces writers to the techniques used by the literary masters. Also a lover of escape genre fiction and trash lit, Brown has created Writing the Cross-Over Novel Workshop(James Joyce meets Judith Krantz) teaching writers to add the secrets of bestsellers to the methods of the masters–without sacrificing quality.

In her one-on-one coaching and one-of-a-kind workshops, Dr. Brown works with writers to “see” their book, to formulate a clear plan, and to apply the writing secrets of the greatest writers to their projects. In a preliminary complimentary consult, Susan will assess your level and progress, determine if writer and teacher are a fit, and recommend private coaching, a 2-hour extreme project consultation, or a workshop as the most appropriate path for you and your goals. (Contact Susan)

“In 40 years of teaching and editing, I’ve been all things to all writers.”
–Dr. Susan Brown


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